Grandpa’s story began when three childhood friends 9 years ago, agreed on that something was missing in the fashion industry in Stockholm. They pursued to open a store with a more relaxed approach where everyone was welcome. A store where service is the key and where customers would always be provided for, in regards to assistance in what they have to offer. A bit like home at “Grandpa’s”

When considering different labels Grandpa thinks it is important to be in alliance with companies that has an ethical environmental approach. They secondly aspire to have a wide price point so they can provide something for everyone. Elements that Grandpa always look for in clothing is quality and tolerance, more so than high fashion that may last only a season which ties in with Grandpa’s environmental thinking. 

vi försöker hitta en rödtråd som genomsyrar hela grandpa-mentaliteten” ( We aspire to find a read thread  that shines through the hole mentality of grandpa)

Tony Sewandersson (a Grandpa representative ) says: that is one of the ways of standing out and surviving in the current retail climate it’s important to gain loyalty. Grandpa’s way of doing so is through providing local produce (as much as possible) and that you should be able to recycle everything. Grandpa continually takes a part in ongoing environmental projects and are members of WWF. Alongside this they have ongoing internal projects that can make them stand out in regards to the standard of service, ”det finns ingen bättre marknadsföring än nöjda kunder” ( is not better marketing then happy customers ), sais Tony so therefore they continually have staff development and training in consistent improvement in the current climate where web stores and bigger chains regulates the market.

 Tony thinks that Grandpa is most defiantly definitely a destination that has daily customers from all over the world that find their way to to their stores. Looking to the future for Grandpa Tony hopes to open more stores in Sweden and internationally ”visa att det går att driva något man tror och står för!” (show that it is possible to run something you believe and stand for!)

Anna Ekre is one of the designers that Grandpa stock, she is a Swedish designer that has a endlessness love for patterns. Anna studied illustration  and graphic design at Parsons in New York, in addition to this she has a degree in fashion design from Beckmans school of design in Stockholm. Anna’s design always have a foundation in prints. It starts  by making a statement, to tell a saga or to simply channel a feeling.  Her typical traits is blending innovative with quality.

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