Havana opened in 1994 by the Nikki Creedon. From the beginning Havana have brought in more “Avant Garde” designer’s into Dublin and the shop has continued down that path. When Nikki does her buying she goes mainly to London and Paris and she likes to strive for something unique to bring into Havana, she goes with a strong customer in mind that  is clear on identity and her style. After 17 years of being a store owner and the solo buyer  she can tune in pretty quickly on what she feel is going to work for the store and customer, but it is still equally as important to take a chance and mix it up every season so the shop keeps interesting and evolving.

Havana has been a established fashion store in Dublin for 17 years, explaning the stores success Nikki put’s the importance of bringing in brands you belive in even if it may be a risk secondly the importance of having the right staff in the shop that is passionated about the brand’s their selling. In the future Nikki likes to continue the stores success and possibly bring in more accessories and perfume.

Simone Rocha shoe

Junya Watanabe began his career at Comme des Garçons as a pattern maker.  He started his own line under the Comme Des Garçons name called ‘Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons’ in 1993 and began showing in Paris that same year. He began men’s wear in 2000.

Junya Watanabe has a signature style that is often described as ‘techno-couture’, where he manipulates unusual structures, textures and prints like the example the dress above. Junya Watanabe SS 12 collection was filled with flowers embroidered, and the layers of bouncing organza ruffles mixed with biker jackets and tulle military style jackets that gave the collection a fun mix between structured street wear and lace floral latin vibe.

Here is some links to other designer that Havana stock

Opening Hours Mon-Sat 9.30-6pm,

2 Anglesa House, Donnybrook – Dublin 4

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