Indigo & Cloth

Having spent years working behind the fashion scenes, Garrett Pitcher felt there was a need for a more forward thinking store in Dublin, one that would source and stock more current and exciting labels. With that in mind he opened Indigo & Cloth in October 2007. When deciding which current and exciting labels he was going to stock in his new venture he decided that they should each be distinguishable from each other but marry as a whole.

Indigo & Cloth have done several different types of pop-ups and right now have Industry design run by Vanessa Mac Innes as a shop-in-shop. Coming Autumn they are looking into some product collaborations which Garrett feel’s very excited about.

Broadening of the original idea of being ‘just‘a fashion store and now working as a creative agency Indigo & Cloth gives Garrett the scope to get involved with many non-fashion projects, with the store now stocking home wares, stationary and magazines, including THREAD a fashion magazine which Garrett is closely involved in as part of the editorial team.

Quoting Garrett “The art of curation was lost somewhere in the last 20 years and thats what I pride myself on”

Fifth Ave Shoe repair

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is one of the designer brand that Indigo & Cloth carries. The duo of Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter stand behind the label. It all kicked off in Sweden 2004. Their dramatic draping and creative cutting soon became a hit in Scandinavia. The Designer couple has an ability to balance and transfer masculine and femininity lines to their designs, and they have a great attention to quality. The brand carries men’s, women’s, accessories and shoes.

Here is some other brand’s that Indigo & Cloth  stock, check them out!
Norse projects
Levi’s made and Crafted

Indigo & Cloth opening hours: Mon to Sat 11-6, Thursday’s to 7
Basement 27, South William Street, Dublin


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