Danielle Romeril

“I want to build a truly international label, one that does not compromise my aesthetic and  design ideology”  Fashion designer Danielle Romeril born in Dublin (Ireland) launched her first collection SS 13 at London Fashion week. Danielle’s foundation in fashion design began when she studied  at Limerick School of Art and Design. After her studies Danielle moved to London and took up a design position at Amanda Wakeley. She continued her studies with a Masters Degree at the RCA. After her graduate show Danielle was selected to work at Alberta Ferretti’s studio in Italy where she continued to develop her skills.  

We meet at her studio in Dublin, where her pictures, sketches, mood board’s is all part of a puzzle of inspiration where the final result, her debut collection SS13 is hanging neatly in front of us. 

A collection that has not compromised and plays with silks, laser cut leathers,  Swarovski crystal pearls and where a lot of the design comes from three dimensional stand work. 

First fashion experience?

First fashion experience I can remember is In primary school aged about 9, myself and a another girl in my class would have fashion design competition, how bonkers was that? Anyway I would always draw shorts and t-shirts but with the brightest, wildest colour combinations, she used to design more exciting shapes but usually coloured them black and pink, our classmates would judge our work. My mentally colours and prints usually pipped it for me!

 What inspire you?

Everything and anything, from the live show at a gig, to pieces of furniture to something more conceptual, like after the banking crisis, that feeling in the air, that spread across the globe, the feeling of a huge jolt or shudder a dislocation.

 What materials do you like to work with?

Well I suppose i like silks, leathers and then really volumous fabrics like gazaar. I also enjoy working with less expected materials like metal and porcupine quills you’d be surprised what gems you can find in a decent hard ware shop! I have been known to put shard nails on rings and punching the lot through leather!

 Explain the process when you start a collection

 I do a lot of sketching, maybe a few hundreds, the first half I usually dismiss as tripe, the drawing helps me decipher want I want to say, I see it as part of the research, not just as a design process. Then I usually get on the stand and drape, stand work, although it restricts you in some ways as it is just a piece of fabric and a few pins, it frees you from the tyranny of the pencil and page and often leads to unexpected results. I also love the movement and three dimensional quality it injects in the work.

Current projects?

Well we’ve just finished our debut collection Spring Summer 2013 and are of to exhibit it at London Fashion Week. It’s a bit of a coup being invited to show there in our first season so we’re very excited about it!

Future prospect of you as a designer and your label?

I want to still be doing what I love in five, ten twenty years time. I want to build a truly international label, one that does not compromise my aesthetic and  design ideology and that I still make a living from!  You have to ask  yourself everyday, do I love what I do and if for too many days in a row that answer is no then you have to change something; because if not now, when?

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