JohannaN; jewellery designer, entrepreneur and pioneer in slow fashion.

Working closely with skilled Thai artisans, Johanna fuses her Nordic heritage with exquisite Thai craftsmanship. Her unique design appeals across gender, international borders and style. It is here her sustainable journey will inspire us, a vision to create timeless jewellery with quality, and individual style in focus. 

 In Sweden she is at the forefront of the slow fashion movement and often shares her vision with others as a speaker and consultant. Speaking with Johanna – you instantaneously become engaged in her story and mission to influence, educate and change the fashion industry as we know of it. Moving towards a more genuine appreciation of design, where awareness and thought are at the core of the work, and where quality matters more than quantity. 

What initially drew you into Jewellery?

A combination of me engaging with Fair Trade organizations(Red Cross Youth and Clean Clothes Campaign), my interest for fashion and my connections to Thailand. I knew I wanted to make some sort of a company that drew these three fields together– my vision was (and is) to make the fashion industry a little more sustainable – and the choice of jewellery was more or less a happy coincidence.

 What triggers your enthusiasm?

Meeting people! That I can work and be surrounded by creative, amazing and brave people is what truly triggers me. For me, jewellery is not only jewellery; it’s politics. That’s how I view fashion overall. To work together with others to change the industry makes me genuinely happy

If you were not a Jewellery designer what would you be?

I would definitely work in fair trade – within an organisation maybe outside Sweden.

How would you define your design and approach to fashion?

I create jewellery in the fusion between Nordic design and Thai craftmanship. Quality, service and transparent production are always in focus.

Your production is handmade in Thailand, but yet you have really incorporated a “nordic  look” in your Jewellery. Has it been difficult to build that bridge?

Not really. Thailand is —as I lived there for sometime —a big part of me. Thai craftsmanship, compared the with Nordic Scandinavian’s strict lines, is extravagant and a bit over the top. And it’s the contrast between them that inspires me.

If you could change something about the fashion industry today what would that be?

Slow it down. I believe in Slow Fashion, a concept and a way of thinking that summarizes all that I believe in and work for. Slow Fashion is where quality precedes quantity. When we prioritize fewer and finer garments, where sustainable production and a minimal negative environmental impact are important. Slow Fashion is not about ending trade and consumption, nor about substituting beautiful things for something inferior. Slow Fashion is instead about reflection and prioritization. It is an approach to design in which thought and awareness are the focus. It’s all about fashion at its best, and that’s what I hope the industry will become.

Three words to live by?

Solidarity, integrity (in the form of standing up for your beliefs) and joy!

In a fast moving fashion industry, how do you incorporate sustainability into your design?

- We will not change entire collections or follow seasonal fashion trends but do it at our own pace, with one or two collections per year.
- We do not sell our jewellery at reduced prices, as we believe in the constant value of things.
- Our jewellery is unisex and worn by men and women of all ages and styles. We are convinced that it is only you and no one else, who can determine what exactly you should wear, and that is why we promote personal style.


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