Judits is a trendy second store located in the heart of popular neighbourhood Södermalm in Stockholm. The store was previously owned by a woman named Judit (hence the name) until Eva Billing bought Judits 1999, and the name tagged along with new owner.

You can spend hours in Judits. Unlike so many other second hand stores, it’s not because you have to route through piles of clothing until you find that one piece you like. It’s for the simple reason that Judits has a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories that inspires you to stay longer!

Sandra Ehn have been a devoted Judit’s employee for six years. She put’s the emphasis on current trends when she and her colleagues select pieces, and of course that the clothing is clean and without any damage. Judits seek to find a collective of classics (often from 50 – 60’s) mixed in with “newer” second hand. In addition they travel all over Europe looking foremost for accessories to balance in with their clothing. As the stock updates daily, “Judits is always moving, it’s exciting to see how the dynamic in the shop changes,” sais Sandra.

Sandra thinks that the market for second hand has grown rapidly the last few years. “People today understand what a great concept second hand is, It’s no longer “ugly” to shop second hand, which it was when Judits first started”.

As the second hand buyers has flourished – so has the donators.” We have noticed a significant change in the amount of people that come in with their clothing the past few years”. People today prefer recycling their valuables then throw them out”. With more people donating – a bigger selection, and better! Judits keep items in store for a month – and if it sells they give you 40% of chosen retail price. Anything that doesn’t sell you can either collect back home or it donates to charity.

While coming full circle in recycling that benefits both shop and customer, it is Judits ambition to do another successful decade in second hand retail, along with turning your worn, to a unique and fashionable component in your wardrobe!

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