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Autonomous meaning – Independent, free or self-ruling”

When discussing individual style in today’s fashion world, what does that mean? Are we locked into a cycle of trends where designers only copy each other or silhouettes from the past?

However, scratching under the surface there are still some trendsetters on the horizon.  One of those is Kim Stevenson, which graduated (2014) from University of East London with a first in fashion design.  Since then Kim has experienced a whirlwind of commotion from editorial in the Guardian to winning Fashion Scout’s‚‘Ones to Watch.’  

Originally from Australia, Kim traveled and observing different cultures before finally settling in London.  Skilful artistry is evident in Kim’s designs as she interlaces tribal handcraft with urban diversity.  She elegantly maintains an over all brand integrity, whilst dedicated to create clothing that we haven’t yet seen before. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have always grown up with the want to be creative. My father is very creative, and as a youth we were always making, drawing, painting, carving, nailing something. I was always inventive with my clothing. I would rip, sew on patches, even beat my clothes on the washing line so they would fray and look old.

I would play brides with my neighbourhood where we would get all mums old lace curtains out and create dresses. Walking them down the garden as we were on the catwalk. Maybe that was just the spirit of the 80′s, an iconic time for fashion, well for me anyway.

What do you love the most about your profession?

Making wearable art. Being creative. Producing the clothing and then with a photo-shoot, giving it life, creativity and the mood which you intend for the clothes. There is nothing like seeing your clothes on the runway. However unless your some big designer with unlimited funds you cant show everyone exactly what you want.

How would you define your out look on fashion?

I like to produce clothing with thought. Put my heart and soul into what I make. Fast fashion is not for me. It’s a tough industry and I don’t want to compete as such, just give what I believe 100% and be thankful for what lies ahead.

There are so many great fashion brands out there and if I think about how hard it is to compete and how fast it moves, I just want to slow it down and try my hardest to get my brand known.

Native American yarns and fabrications inspired your graduate collection, is sub cultures big source of inspiration for you?

I think that youth culture is a big influence in creative fashion. Older people are more stuck in their ways in regards to fashion. They have their brands they normally go to, Chanel, Ralph Lauren or whoever it may be. They might venture off to one or two new brands if their style.

Most sub cultures come from the street, a movement and change usually by youth.  From this I want my clothes to also send that same message.  The zeitgeist. A change, which I think, needs to happen in the world. Ethical thinking with creativity. So yes it is a big inspiration.

As a recent graduate moving forward, what kind of fundamental pillars would you like to establish for your brand?

Becoming 100% ethical, getting the brand known to a wider audience, getting stocked in more like-minded places, such as art, music, ethical etc.

What are the pros and cons being a London based designer?

Pro’s :Multicultural city, with so much inspiration at your door.

Con’s: Finding it hard to be 100% British, sustainable and ethical is hard for me.

 In a fast moving fashion Industry what do you hope and communicate with your design?

Slow down, it may be a little more expensive but is something that will last and you can see that someone’s hands have touched it, not just a machine.




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