“I once heard that Swedish people use on average, a piece of clothing three times before it gets chucked. That is madness! I want to be a part of changing that’” (Jag fick höra för en tid sedan att svenskar använder ett plagg i genomsnitt tre gånger innan det slängs, det är galenskap! Det vill jag vara med och ändra!”), says Plezuro’s shop owner and entrepreneur Johanna Westin.

The idea of opening a shop began when Johanna was studying at Tillskärarakademin in Stockholm, Sweden. The thought of setting her own rules, while helping other smaller designers, appealed to Johanna from a young age. After 2 years, working and gaining more experience in the fashion industry, Johanna felt it was time to take the plunge and opened Plezuro in 2007. That same year she opened the Plezuro webshop, and in 2012 she presented her own collection in the shop.

Johanna takes great fulfilment in finding smaller brands (vintage and new), with perhaps a story behind that she can proudly represent in her shop. She is constantly on the hunt for something unique, “That may inspire others to think outside the box,” (“Som kan insperera andra att tänka outside the box”) she says.

Johanna is convinced that you can have fun with style and clothing while still considering the environment “Over consumption is the biggest dilemma. I try to show with my store that it is possible running a fashion company that stands for sustainability, (över konsumtion är den största boven, jag försoker visa att man kan äga en butik som står for hållbarhet) ” Says Johanna, alongside with carry clothing and jewellery that doesn’t necessarily represent trends, but that can encourage individual style, creativity and the joy of mixing and matching pieces that with care last longer is one of Johanna’s main focusses with the store.

Johanna is often involved in various projects that collaborate with other retailers around the area, for example, she started a September street party in 2008 to encourage other smaller retailers around the area working together, whilst boost more knowledge about the local area. Currently she is involved in a Christmas calendar, where each retailer get to be represented. When she doesn’t engage herself in promoting local industry, she arranges weekly in-store customer events, where she invite designers to talk about their collections.”One of the main purposes with Plezuro is to promote smaller designers,” (“Ett av huvud syftena med Plezuro är att lyfta fram små designers) Secondly, the night is an opportunity for the designer to create a closer relationship with customers.

Looking to the future, Johanna aspires to grow Plezuro and her own collection, “But slowly,” she says, “While continually growing Plezuro’s web shop, and of course make more people aware about Plezuro.”  While expanding her company she is determine to stay creative and never stagnate in her ideas, and at the same time think long term and always approach shop, design and people with a personal touch.


Plezuro  collection SS 12

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