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In the historical hood of ‘Bakklandet’ in Trondheim, Norway, you will most likley come a cross a boutique called Sukker (Sugar). On the outside Sukkar is just another charming boutique, although “behind the scenes” Sukker is a creative community of 15 designers and artists that create quirky and unique quality clothes and home products – hand made, mostly from second hand fabrics and items.

Going back to 2005, during a local Christmas market, seven designers decided to establish a creative community joining together on a permanent location. Where craftsmanship can be exchanged and where customers can participate by giving in-person feed back to the maker. All products would come from the local designer and artists. Sukker opened June 18th, 2005. In addition to the seven founders, nine members joined in. Today they are fifteen (four of those from the beginning). In total, around fifty designers have been members of Sukker since the opening. Maria Boe – (designer and loyal member) explains: “This really keep us alive because we meet new people, along with getting new products in the shop”.

Since most members have other day jobs, Sukker is only opened during the weekends. Each member works in the shop on average one day per month. Members that are not based in Trondheim and can’t contribute to the shop, pay higher fees in return. The benefits of coming together as designer collective is not only practical, it allows people to exchange ideas and give feedback to each other, while, “It’s really inspiring to be around other creative people”, says Maria.

Sukker celebrates its birthday each year. The festivities take form as a fashion show each year with a different theme: baroque, balloon and Scandinavian camping, to mention a few of the inventive and unusual themes. Local bands are invited to play and the yearly event has become a valuable way for members in Sukker to reach out, along with a fun happening event for the local community.

While keeping up a support network for each other – Sukker is important for the community and Bakklanded, as it’s only in these parts of the city you can find local handcraft. Looking forward, Maria and members hope to keep providing. and encouraging local expertise and skills. “We want people in Trondheim to continue and have a place they can go to find quirky, unique quality clothes and items”

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