Trés Bien shop


“Your favorite boutique’s favorite boutique” - Slamxhype, ”Currently one of the most respected menswear stores in the world - Tim Little, owner and creative director of Grenson in GQ”. These are just some of many praises Trés Bien shop in Malmö has achieved since 2004 when the company started. What began with a shop in Lund followed soon with a second in Helsingborg both located in south of Sweden. Trés Bien’s successful online store started 2006, a couple years later in 2009 their shop in Malmö opened. A year later they co-opened the store ”Welcome” with clothing brand Our Legacy throughout a year in Stockholm.”The name Trés bien sums up what we are trying to do, create a intriguing and unique mix of clothes and collections” sais Jakob, co-founder, owner of the company.

Trés Bien has been particularly noted for their considered stock-lists. Their attention to design and quality in  this area is where the core of their business idea lies. They like to mix high fashion with low fashion by combining everyday Nike sneakers with designer pieces such as an Yves Saint Laurent shirt. The range of products as a whole is more important to Trés Bien than the number of products and brands that they carry and in a time where smaller retailers are facing tougher market climates Jakob thinks that it is more valuable than ever to know what your unique selling point is, and to focus on that. “Getting rid of all other distractions and just do what the company does best.”

Even though Trés Bien may not be located in any of  the traditional fashion hubs like  New York, Paris or Tokyo the shop often gets international press and customers, which have come to represent a large proportion of their customer core. It is a future dream, hopefully soon to be realised, to open more stores around the world in order to reach international clients. Although as the company is ambitious they strive to grow organically and these thype of changes  take time and have to be done right all along the way.

Currently Trés Bien would like to focus on projects in-store, like inviting a fashion designer to rearrange the space and to display only that designers brand for 2 weeks or by transforming the space into an art gallery for a short period of time. Secondly, they have once again teamed up with Our Legacy and created a new collection ”welcome” which is a spin off name on their previous store in Stockholm. The new collection will hit the stores in November. Additionally they have more exciting projects coming up with other companies.

Looking at the future Trés bien would like to be known for the way they present fashion, the way they mix styles and collections, but additionally Très Bien like to be seen even more as a brand itself, like a fashion house that stays true to itself, says Jakob, “Along the way you have to stay inspired and in tune with the times. For us, it’s important that it’s fun, if it’s not, then it’s not worth it!”

Gitman is an American brand manufacturing high quality shirts that Trés Bien have been working with for several years, Jakob explains, ”we  thought it would be fun to do something different, so we asked them if we could pick out our own textiles for two shirts, one with a leopard pattern and contrasting tiger stripe camouflage on the inner and for the other shirt vice versa”.

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