Under The Same Sun

Behind scenes images from AW 16 catalog shoot.


Sometimes when two polar opposites meet under the same sun, friendly alliance takes place. Playful creativity materialises, and from there a new brand is born. Taking matters into their own hands, Emilie and Anna felt there was something missing on today’s market. Sharing the same love for yoga, lifestyle and the environment, they created Under the Same Sun. With the intention to align fashion with sustainability using low impact textiles, they have designed yoga, beach and surf wear in fun prints. After great deal of determination and love for their brand, E & A demonstrates that you don’t have to compromise style when shopping more consciously. 

Tell us a bit about you?

Emelie grew up in the north in the countryside surrounded by the natural beauty that Sweden is so famous for. In her twenties she decided to move to Stockholm to deepen her knowledge for her passion of communication and photography. In contrast to Emelie’s childhood Anna has always been a big city girl growing up in Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles, but now resides in the countryside of Djurgården with her daughter and dogs. We’re two polar opposites meeting in unison to share a dream and a “love child”!

We met at a yoga studio, started talking, and it turned out that we had the same idea based on what we felt was missing in the market today. The day after, we started Under The Same Sun. The decision to start up the company was a given. We strongly felt that it was the right thing for us to do.

How would you define your out look on fashion?
creative, fun, captivating, deceptive, scary, in need of change.

Neither of you had any design experience before starting Under The Same Sun, how do you feel this has worked in favour for you?
People probably thought we were crazy jumping into the deep end of the pool, but we honestly feel that our lack of experience has given us a unique perspective on the process. And we’re not afraid to work hard which is probably the most important thing when you have to learn everything from the beginning!

What do you love the most about the creative process?
For us it’s always important for our collections to have a story or a theme. There is usually a quote, a place or a feeling that starts the process of putting together a mood board for the collection. Each print is designed based off of mood boards we created for the collection, which we collaborate with a print designer to develop. We are pretty specific, but luckily no one has quit on us yet!

Aligning fashion with sustainability is part of your foundation, what advice can you give to other labels looking to find a more low impact production process?  
Be determined, be curious, be brave, don’t give up, The answer is out there. Together we can make a change.

In a fast moving fashion Industry, what do you think is the most challenging aspects we’re facing looking forward?
To stop the fast moving wheel of consumption.

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